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Architecture, spatial and interior design:

living, learning, working, playing; the spaces in which we exist are the settings for the lives we lead. Reinvent them and alter the landscape for future generations.

Camberwell College of Arts
BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design Opens in a new window.
Central Saint Martins
BA (Hons) Architecture Opens in a new window.
Chelsea College of Arts
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London College of Communication
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  • Artist rendering of four people standing on top of a large skyscraper, high above the clouds with the top of two cityscapes visible below. Work by James Parkes on BA (Hons) Architecture course at Central Saint Martins.
    James Parkes, BA (Hons) Architecture, Central Saint Martins
  • Small model of building with doorways and a staircase, made from grey clay. Work by Elena Rubino and Makenzie Quinn on BA (Hons) Interior Design course at Chelsea College of Arts.
    Elena Rubino and Makenzie Quinn, BA (Hons) Interior Design, Chelsea College of Arts
  • Student work showing layered illustration of complex architectural structure in grey and yellow
    Jonathon Howard, BA (Hons) Architecture, Central Saint Martins
  • Miriam George, BA (Hons) Interior Design, Chelsea College of Arts © Alys Tomlinson

The courses in this list are at undergraduate degree level. We also offer the following courses in this subject area at pre-degree level:

See the Pre-degree courses page for more information.

Student spotlight:


"My course has encouraged me to be more experimental. It's opened up different avenues of thinking, sometimes challenging my own core beliefs, and this has pushed the development and quality of my work."

Lawrence came from a fine arts background and his knowledge and interest in architecture developed gradually, especially during his Foundation Diploma in Art and Design course at college. He then decided to apply for BA (Hons) Architecture at Central Saint Martins (CSM).

"The central London location meant that significant architectural works would quite literally be on my doorstep. The course structure also appealed to me. The first year focused on teaching the basic fundamentals, such as hand-rendered skills, rather than CAD. This was a huge factor in my decision to study at UAL."

Highlights of his time at UAL so far have included the extra-curricular activities available that have helped increase his subject knowledge of architecture, including the Fundamentals lecture series chaired by The Guardian's Olly Wainwright. His course also involves working on a range of different briefs, including a particular favourite that challenged students to design work spaces for fellow CSM students.

"My ‘clients’ were Fine Art students. I designed a space for them including a public gallery and facilities for the students to produce their work, while creating a spatial and atmospheric relationship with the neighbouring nature reserve and canal. I received really positive and constructive feedback on this project."

Lawrence feels that being in such close proximity to other students across different courses is a highlight. The Learning Zone within the CSM Library is an area he particularly likes to work in, as it feels like a 'creative hub.' He also has some advice for students about living in London.

"As busy as most would make London out to be, it really isn't that bad. Moments of peace can be found everywhere, whether that be on of the many in parks in Zone 1 or a chic café in the middle of Dalston."

Lawrence would encourage new students to be proactive and take full advantage of the resources UAL offers.

"University life encourages everyone to be independent and self-motivated, and that helps you to embrace freedom in the work you produce."

Lawrence Del Rosario
BA (Hons) Architecture, Central Saint Martins

Images © Alys Tomlinson